Welcome to the Digital Humanitarians Network

The Digital Humanitarian Network (DHNetwork) aims to leverage digital networks in support of 21st century humanitarian response.

What others are saying about DHN

ICT4Peace Foundation suggests that the Digital Humanitarians Network are among today's leaders and innovators in the humanitarian community.

What DHN does

Real-time monitoring of mainstream and social media, rapid geo-location of event-data and infrastructure data, creation of live crisis maps for decision support, data development and cleaning, GIS and big data analysis, satellite imagery tagging and tracing and time-sensitive web-based research.

How DHN works

This network-of-networks aims to form a consortium of Volunteer & Technical Communities (V&TCs) who can provide an interface between formal, professional humanitarian organizations and informal yet skilled-and-agile volunteer & technical networks.
Organizations working in this space can apply to become members. Find out how here.
When disaster strikes, humanitarian organizations can apply here to activate a DHN team to support response.
On volunteer & technical communities, past activations, effectively collaborating and more.

Latest News

Members from the Digital Humanitarian Network (DHN)have activated to support and will be sharing their unique expertise for the World Humanitarian Summit. DHN members have been mobilised by the Office of the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) to support the preparation of the first World... (more)
Photo credit:  Overview SBTF CrisisMap Provided by Esri   In response to Typhoon Yolanda, the DHN Network has mobilized to support Palau and the Philippines. We have been contacted by United Nations Office of Coordination for Humanitarian Affairs, the Philippines Red Cross to assist in providing... (more)
The Digital Humanitarian Network Summit 2013 at 88mph Garage in Nairobi, Kenya. We’ll be examining current humanitarian challenges in relation to technology, digital response, and crisis management. Participants will brainstorm and plan ways in which we can create... (more)